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Halekulani - Group 70 International

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Creating Value

“Within Group 70 International, we understand vision to be the intelligent, farsighted perception of a project’s purpose, its worth to the community and its value to the client. The goal is to create exceptional value for the client and community through a synergistic integration of our vision, the client’s vision and hard work.”

Group 70 Mission Statement

Full Service

Established in 1971, Group 70 International, Inc. is an award-winning design firm of architects, planners, interior designers and asset managers.  Our expertise covers master planning for major urban land holdings, conceptual design and development of resort communities and housing developments locally and abroad.  In addition, our full service agency offers comprehensive support for commercial, educational and medical facilities.

Group 70 offers expertise in the planning and design of sustainable and culturally appropriate developments.   We are staffed with cultural specialists and a team of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited professionals.  Our mission is to foresee a sustainable future now: to conceive, conduct, complete and continue the best-in-class projects that demonstrate leadership in the global sustainability theater.

Culturally Sensitive

“We are working with communities and indigenous peoples to create designs that not only best serve the people, but also incorporate the cultural, historical and environmental aspects of the land and those who live in it.”

Francis S. Oda, Arch. D., FAIA, AICP
Group 70 International, Inc.